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Okay so let us be real for a second, while we are a happy family and we really love each other - it is not always kumbaya or sunshine and roses at our house. We for sure have our family meltdown moments (see the FAQ page to find out more)!! We also have other contributing factors to our family satisfaction and what makes us a happy family. Our faith, our health, and our commitment to one another, of course, plays a HUGE role in our happiness. That being said, we have uncovered something as of late that we hope will further improve our relationships and our family dynamic.   We want to share :) (read on if you like, if you figured this out a long time ago, that is fantastic!!).
Need to travel but don't have the funds???  Read below to find our 12 Tips to Finding Cheap Flights... Have you ever noticed that nearly everyone at the airport is seriously grumpy? When we were little we used to play a game every time we had to take a flight.  While we were at the airport, we would smile at as many people we could and see how many people we could get to smile back. Seriously it was about a 20% smile conversion rate. So the question that begs asking, is why is it that airports and flights can bring the worst out in people?

Perhaps it is because most of us end up paying an arm and a leg to be squished like a sardine in an extra large petri dish for hours. While we can’t take away the unpleasant aspects of flying (like the man who is holding his large screeching cat on his lap sitting next you - yes true story. We promise we will tell you more about it later). We hopefully can provide some insight on how to land cheap flights and not spend your life saving on air travel. A Quick Note ** To be fair, saving money and scoring a cheap flight takes some initiative and time. By far the most convenient way to book a flight and to travel is to fly direct, fly first class, and pick the exact airport and date you want and move on. While that rocks - the majority of travelers can not afford to travel that way. If you can more power to you!

These tips are tried and proven and more often than not, they will help you save some serious cash on flights anywhere around the world!