These free travel hacking resources will help get you started on the right foot and give you a leg up as you are trying to learn how to earn and use points and miles! Follow each of the steps below and you’ll be traveling for nearly free on points and miles before you know it!

Step 1. Download Travel Freely

This is HANDS DOWN my number one recommended app for travel hacking. This app will help you…

  • Keep track of the major rules you need to follow like the 5/24 rule, the 90-day rule, and the 12-month rule
  • Find and apply for the right cards that will work for you
  • Organize EVERYTHING!

This app is honestly a game changer, it is totally free, has no “freemiums” and is my first recommendation for all my students!

Get Travel Freely!:
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Step 2. Get Our Free Points and Miles Crash Course eBook!

This eBook has over 20 pages of points and miles goodness and we are offering it for free for just a limited time! Having it will automatically save you so much time and headache so you don’t have to research on your own! In your crash course, you’ll learn…

  • What the 5/24, 90 day, and 12-month rules are
  • What happens to your credit when you begin earning points and miles
  • Some major pitfalls you’ll want to avoid
  • What two-player mode is
Get Crash Course

Step 3. Read Travel Hacking 101

There are some legitimate questions and concerns that you’ll want to be aware of before you start! Our Travel Hacking 101 article has an entire list of the most common (and valid) questions that come with travel hacking and their answers! It is a do not miss!

Travel Hacking 101

Step 4. Register for Our Free Travel Reward University 101 Mini Course

Wondering if earning points and miles is for you? Or if you can actually do it? We have a free mini-course that breaks down the major aspects of travel hacking. It is delivered via email for 3 days and takes less than 7 minutes each day. If you want to make sure that earning and using points and miles is for you, then this course will help!

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Step 5. Download the Travel Transfer Partners!

Travel hacking gets really good when you start transferring your points! This can increase your point value up to 4x (sometimes even more)! This free guide and download will show you how transferring works and will help you know exactly what points transfer and to where!

Transfer Partners

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