We are an average family living in a crazy busy world,
trying to juggle work, school, family and church responsibilities.


We really do have lives outside of travel.  Our family is constantly moving up, moving out, growing up and changing.  It seems we have a “revolving door” with someone always coming or going.  We have found that traveling together provides a “time-out” where we can reconnect with the ones we love the most without the daily interruptions or distractions.  Our family adventures are tremendously educational and most of all, FUN!!

Wife to 1, Mom of 4, Mother-In-Law to 3 and Grandma to her favorite little man Becks. She loves to visit new places and is the planner of all of our adventures. She is a world class travel planner. She also is a main contributor to our blog posts, takes a gazillion pictures, and helps with our social media accounts.


Husband, Father and Grandpa extraordinaire. Obsessive golfer and the majority subsidizer of our family travels. Thank you to him!! As long as we incorporate golf into our family travels, he is usually a happy camper.


Oldest child, lover of history and art. Kam has a zeal for learning and would be a professional student if she could. She is a great big sister, wife to Stef, and her most important role is Mama to three year old Becks. Kam loves to help Shani plan trips. She is also a main blog contributor and co-manages social media accounts.


Our son-in-law, he is our resident tech guru and he loves anything adventurous and outdoorsy. He is a great addition to our family AND he takes great pictures. Stef handles the techy side of a blog! Us girls would be lost without him.


He is cute, smart and charming! He is little but has already traveled to tons of different countries (some of them multiple times) and many domestic destinations. We all love this little person. He brings the joy.


The youngest of the 4 children. He is a scuba diving enthusiast, skier, and can school both his older brother and Dad in ping-pong. He is the favorite Uncle to Becks. His favorite travel destinations consistently include anywhere with animal encounters. Don’t be fooled by the scowl in our pictures. He really has fun, just hates to be forced to have his picture taken.


He is the funny one of the group and keeps us all laughing. He loves to meet new people and makes new friends wherever we go. He loves guitars, sports (especially the Golden State Warriors), and can give his Dad a run for his money on the golf course.


She has just joined the family as she and T have just been married. Kenna is studying to become a nurse. She loves to paint, is a very talented at singing and has such an adventurous spirit. She has just certified in scuba diving. She is always smiling and laughing and is a joyful addition to our family!


She is a talented harpist and loves all music. Always up for a new adventure, she is almost as travel obsessed as her mother (yikes). She is spitfire and sunshine through and through. She has a great passion for human rights and has a desire to help others who may be less fortunate. Sav curates our social media feeds. She has got a great eye for things that flow well together!


He is in his last year of studies and is majoring in business administration and marketing. He is always willing to try something new and loves to camp, mountain bike, hike, and be adventuring outside. He is excited to join in on our family adventures! We are so excited he is marrying Savannah and that he will be part of our family.

Collectively we have traveled to over 37 countries (and counting);
some of them multiple times and most of them together.


We are excited to share with you what we have learned through our decades of travel; our favorite domestic and international destinations, our most memorable moments, some epic “fails” (there are a few for sure), and our favorite travel tips.  We have learned a lot and have enjoyed the journey!