Welcome to Our Family Passport! I am Kam and I am so happy you are here. Thanks to my awesome Mom and Dad I have had a love for travel since I was little. This has blossomed into a business for me and I now get to travel with my own children! 

I am a mom to two beautiful little boys and a step-mom to two darling kids as well! I love my little blended family and I firmly believe that traveling together can strengthen all families regardless of size or differences. I am passionate about education and teach Art History at a nearby university.

This blog specializes in making limited family vacation time meaningful, affordable, educational, and fun! My goal is to strengthen our own family relationships through travel and experiences and of course, help you do the same!  This blog will help you make the most of your time, budget, and resources so you can have epic family experiences! This site will show you how to plan memorable experiences at home, abroad, and everywhere in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How's the best way to prepare my kids for travel?

I might be a little biased, but coloring, reading about, and talking about your upcoming trip is one of the BEST ways to get your kids on board! See all of our coloring pages here – Travel Downloads and Printables!

How many people are in your family?

I have the best family! You might see some of my tribe on here at times as my family (Mom, Dad, sister, brothers) all love to travel together! In face, this blog was originally started by me, my mom and my sister.

My immediate family has 6 people in it. I was divorced and remarried and have Beckham (who is in lots of the pictures) and Benson (our brand new little caboose) and two gorgeous step-children! The keep me and my husband Jason busy!

You can see how we plan trips for all ages and interests here – 10 Tips for Family Trip Planning!

Do you travel full time?

No, we’re an average family living in this crazy world. I juggle work, school, budget, church responsibilities and our blended family schedule. We just like to fit in travel wherever we can!



How do you afford to go to all of these cool places?

We have not “sold it all” and we don’t live on Top Ramen at home so we can travel. We have just made simple adjustments in our lifestyle that have helped us budget for travel! Most of our trips are paid for by budgeting, saving, planning, airline miles and credit card points.

Here are some of our best posts on saving and budgeting for travel.

What are your best travel tips for families?

  • Plan and prepare
  • Try to let everyone in the family have a say
  • Accept that there are always going to be ups and downs on trips, don’t expect it to be this glorious experience 100% of the time
  • Be patient with each other
  • Speak your mind if you are really upset about something
  • Make traveling a learning experience

How many countries have you traveled to?

We have been to over 45 countries (and counting!).

Decide where you want to go next with this expert guide – 5 Easy Steps to Decide Where to Travel Next!

What's on your bucket list?



Hiking Kilaminjaro



… Let’s be honest, I want to go everywhere!

Tell me about Becks!

Becks is cute, smart and charming! He is little, but has already traveled to over 20 different countries and he loves learning about new languages. Beck’s little world was turned upside down recently and he has handled becoming a step brother like a champ. He is a great brother and friend. I love this little person!

His favorite travel destination is Bora-Bora!

Tell me about Benson

Benson is our brand new little caboose and completes our little blended family. He is sweet and is the easiest baby! He is getting ready to go on his first vacation with us and we can’t wait!

Tell me about your step-children!

I absolutely love being a step-mom and I adore my step-children. Blending a family isn’t easy and there are challenges every day. My step children make my life dynamic and the challenges worth it! You will see pictures of the two of them on here from time to time. However, out of respect to them, they won’t be discussed by name and aren’t on social media. They play as big of a part in our little family dynamic off of the internet as Beckham and Benson and I would be lost without them!

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