Is Reward Travel For You?

Use this guide here to find out if reward travel is for you…(It is!) Here you’ll gain insight into how points and miles work and how you can do it the RIGHT way! I want you to be earning free travel so you can travel the world like the VIP that you are for pennies on the dollar NOW!


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1. Get Started – Read “Reward Travel For Beginners”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you aren’t going to earn a million miles in a month. Know that there will be a learning curve, that is why I am here! Reward travel and earning points and miles – is AMAZING- and has given so many opportunities to my family. (I promise you will love it!) However, there are some important things you want to know before you get started. I cover all of the major questions and concerns in “Reward Travel For Beginners”.

Read our How To Reward Travel For Beginners Guide:
Read Reward Travel For Beginners

2. Start with the End in Mind – Download Travel Freely! (It’s FREE)

Having an idea of somewhere you would like to travel and looking forward to taking that vacation will help keep you focused on your budget goals, and will help you pick the right card. Another way that really helps me stay organized and keep track is the Travel Freely app. It’s free, and it will help you keep track of your upcoming annual fees, how many cards you have signed up for, and what other cards might be right for you!

Travel Freely App

3. Pick the Right Card and Apply

There are SO many cards to choose from and when you are learning how to use points and miles and the amount of information on them all is overwhelming. To help you, here are a few things you want when finding the right first card for you.

An Awesome Welcome Bonus
The most effective way to earn free travel is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by credit card companies and their travel partners. Look for cards that offer a strong welcome bonus as this will get you closer to that dream trip more than anything! Typical bonuses are around 40k to 75k points but can get up to 100k depending on the time of year. This is why reward cards are so awesome, you can start out in a great spot!

A Realistic Minimum Spend
In order to get the welcome offer, most credit cards will require that you spend a certain amount over a fixed time on qualifying purchases. This usually looks like “spend 3,000 dollars in the first 3 months”. You will want to pick a card that has a doable minimum spend. Some of my favorite advanced reward travel cards require a 15k minimum spend over the course of a few months. DON’T get these cards at first. Pick a card that has a minimum spend that you know you can reach through your normal everyday purchases. This will be the best for your budget and to help you get the hang of points and miles!

My Favorite Cards

4. Join Travel Reward University!


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