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How to Earn World of Hyatt Points: The Complete Guide

Hands down one of the best loyalty programs in the points and miles world is World of Hyatt. It’s a favorite of ours because out of all of the different hotel brands, Hyatt is the hotel chain with the highest point value, which means that your Hyatt points can take you further. This Ultimate Guide to Earning Hyatt Points will cover all of the best ways that you can start earning Hyatt points today!

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Keep reading to dive into all things Hyatt!

A Quick Hyatt Points Recap

This article will do a deep dive into all of the ways that you can earn and maximize World of Hyatt points. However, here is a quick recap if you are just wanting a quick 30-second read that will get you started in the right direction.

Our favorite way here at Our Family Passport is to earn Chase Ultimate Reward points and then transfer them to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio.  We like this strategy because it’s fast, efficient, and can be repeated over and over again. If you want Hyatt points fast, we suggest starting with the CHASE SAPPHIRE PREFERRED® card, and then moving onto either a Chase Freedom Unlimited® or if you are open to business cards either the Chase Ink Business Cash® or Chase Ink Business Unlimited®.

For an exact blueprint on how you can earn hundreds of thousands of Hyatt points responsibly and fast check out our Points and Miles Made Easy Program here

How to earn hyatt points using credit cards
We had the most amazing stay at the Hyatt Andaz Peninsula Papagayo. The cash cost of our stay would have been $5,494 but we paid $0 and instead used our World of Hyatt Points!

Understanding the World of Hyatt Loyalty Program

Before we start talking about how to earn Hyatt points it’s important to understand the World of Hyatt program. The World of Hyatt Program is a little bit different than the Marriott Bonvoy or Hilton Honors Program, and this is a good thing.

Hyatt works from a chart-based redemption model instead of a dynamic model like Marriott or Hilton. This is AMAZING because you know exactly what your award stays will cost you in terms of points regardless of the associated cash costs. Due to their chart-based model, Hyatt award nights are usually less than what you’d have to redeem at a Marriott or Hilton at a similar cash rate. You can see Hyatt’s Award Chart here.

Hyatt’s Redemption Chart

Hyatt’s chart is broken up into 8 categories. The higher the category, the more points your stay will require. For example, Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt properties are often categories 6 through 8. Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Centric properties are often categories 4 through 6. Hyatt Place and Hyatt House properties often are assigned a 3 through 4 category.

Then there are different levels within each category based on off-peak, standard, and peak season dates.

An example of this is the Hyatt House Anaheim (within walking distance to Disneyland). It is categorized as a Category 4 on the award chart. It has an off-peak rate of 12k points per night for a standard room, but because of its location, stays here will often be the standard rate of 15k points per night. During holidays and busy seasons like summer, it’ll be 18k points per night.

Hyatt Elite Status

World of Hyatt features several elite status tiers. They are; World of Hyatt Member, Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist Status. Each level offers different perks and privileges. You can earn status through credit cards, Hyatt stays, base points, elite night credits, and more. Without a doubt, World of Hyatt Globalist status is the best. Globalist members receive exceptional milestone rewards like suite upgrades, free breakfast, early check-in, late checkout, and more.

However, if you are just beginning to earn Hyatt points, we suggest that you don’t stress too much about earning Globalist status right away.  Start earning your points for free stays first. Then once you figure out the system a little bit and you’ve stayed at a few Hyatt properties you’ll be better able to determine if going for Hyatt Globalist status is worth it for you and your family. Depending on how many vacations you take a year, and your travel style Globalist may not be the best fit for you.

Hyatt Redemption Perks

Something awesome about using points to book a Hyatt property is that you’ll get your resort fees waived. We love this because some Marriott properties don’t do this anymore and those resort fees can add up. Something else to note, for most of your Hyatt point redemptions you’ll also enjoy free parking (it’s good to check with the property beforehand) and the typical point cancelation policy is 24 hours before check-in for a full refund of your points. It’s always smart to double-check as occasionally certain properties can have different policies.

Ways to Earn Hyatt Points

Now let’s get into the fun stuff… earning those Hyatt points! You can earn Hyatt points through a combination of hotel stays, promotions, and, most notably, credit card strategies (our FAVORITE and the easiest way!) Here we’re going to cover each of the different ways you can earn enough points year after year to stay at Hyatt properties for free using your points!

1. Staying at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

One of the most straightforward ways to earn Hyatt points is by booking stays at Hyatt properties. Hyatt’s program rewards World of Hyatt Members with five base points per eligible dollar spent on qualifying stays, while elite members earn additional bonus points. For instance, Discoverists receive a 10% bonus, Explorists a 20% bonus, and Globalists a 30% bonus.

Hyatt often has promotions and bonus point offers during specific periods that can significantly boost your point balance.

To be eligible for these offers and to receive 5 points per dollar spent, you’ll want to create a free Hyatt account and you’ll receive a World of Hyatt membership number. Then, keep an eye on Hyatt’s promotional campaigns and emails and opt into the promotions when they come.

You can also earn 5x the points per dollar when you stay at one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties. Both of these companies are partners with Hyatt and can help you earn points.

2. Using Credit Cards to Earn Hyatt Points

As we’ve mentioned before, using credit cards to earn Hyatt points is our favorite way to do it! Some of these credit cards also come with a free night award per calendar year and can offer a bunch of other awesome benefits.  There are essentially two different ways to earn Hyatt points through credit cards. You can earn Hyatt points directly with a World of Hyatt card or you can earn Chase Ultimate Rewards through a Chase credit card and then you can transfer those points to Hyatt.

Expert Tip: BILT Rewards

You can also earn Bilt Rewards and then transfer them to Hyatt. Bilt Rewards is a unique program that can be great for families who pay rent. We’ll talk about using Bilt to earn Hyatt points a little bit later in the article.

World of Hyatt co-Branded Cards

Hyatt offers co-branded credit cards through Chase that cater specifically to Hyatt enthusiasts. These cards directly earn World of Hyatt points that can not be transferred. There are two main co-branded cards: the World of Hyatt Credit Card and the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card. Let’s explore them below.

World of Hyatt Personal Credit Card

The World of Hyatt Personal Credit Card has what is known as a tiered welcome bonus that can earn you 60k World of Hyatt points. Within spending 3,000 dollars within three months on your card you’ll get the first part of your welcome bonus, 30k points. Then you’ll receive 2 points for every dollar spent in the first 6 months from account opening on purchases, up to $15,000 spent. This will get you another 30k points.

Additionally, cardholders will earn

  • 2x the points for every dollar spent on gym memberships
  • 2x the points on airfare booked directly through an airline
  • 2x the points on local transit and transportation costs
  • 9x the points on Hyatt stays (4x the points from the credit card and 5x the points for being a Hyatt member)

The card grants automatic Discoverist status and offers an additional free night award at a Category 1-4 property every year. This benefit alone can offset the annual fee, making the card an attractive option for loyal Hyatt patrons.

This card has an annual fee of $95.00 a year. However, with the free night award, that cost will be offset every year just from that alone.

b. World of Hyatt Business Credit Card

Similar to its personal counterpart, the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card provides business owners with an excellent opportunity to earn Hyatt-specific points. After spending 5,000 dollars within three months on your card you’ll get the welcome bonus of 60k points!

The card grants also grants automatic Discoverist status to you and 5 employees and offers a $100 Hyatt credit each year. This benefit alone can help offset the annual fee.

This card has an annual fee of $195.00 a year.

3. Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards

Apart from Hyatt co-branded credit cards, Chase Ultimate Rewards cards offer an alternative route to earning valuable Hyatt points (and this is our FAVORITE WAY to do it!). Chase’s flexible points system allows cardholders to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to World of Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio. In our opinion, earning Chase points and then transferring them to Hyatt is the most lucrative and easiest way to rack up a bunch of Hyatt points fast! There are several different types of Chase Cards that you can use to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards and then transfer them to Hyatt. They are two Chase Sapphire cards, three Chase Ink cards, and then two Chase Freedom cards. We’ll talk about them below.

a. Chase Sapphire Cards

The CHASE SAPPHIRE PREFERRED® and the Chase Sapphire Reserve® are two popular credit cards within the Chase Sapphire family that allow a points transfer to Hyatt. Both cards provide some great bonus categories, like extra points and credits for travel and dining, making them ideal for earning points that you can then convert into Hyatt rewards. We suggest starting with the CHASE SAPPHIRE PREFERRED® because of its lower annual fee. It’s one of the best credit cards for beginners and is a card that everyone should have in their wallet!

Additionally having one of these cards will “unlock” the possibility to transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards.

b. Chase Ink Cards

The three Chase Ink cards that can earn points that can then be transferred to Hyatt are the Chase Ultimate Rewards cards, the Chase Ink Business Unlimited®, and the Chase Ink Business Preferred®! We LOVE these cards for their low (or no) annual fees, and the ability to get the welcome bonuses every 24 months.

Expert Tip: Chase Ink Preferred

Like the Sapphire cards, the Chase Ink Business Preferred® card will “unlock” the possibility of transferring your points to Hyatt. If you don’t have an Ink Preferred card but you have either an Ink Cash or Ink Unlimited you’ll need to have a Sapphire card to allow you to transfer your points.

c. Chase Freedom Cards

Chase Freedom Flex℠ and Chase Freedom Unlimited® are versatile cards that can enhance your Hyatt points strategy when paired with other Ultimate Rewards cards. While these cards don’t directly transfer points to Hyatt, by having either a Chase Sapphire Reserve® or the Chase Sapphire Preferred®, you can then transfer them to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio.

Using Bilt Rewards to Earn Hyatt Points

BILT Rewards is a unique program that revolutionizes the renting experience by helping renters earn points on their monthly rent.  With BILT, your rent isn’t just an expense – it’s a pathway to exciting rewards that can be transferred to Hyatt at an impressive 1:1 ratio. If you pay rent, it can be an absolute game-changer.

BILT cards do not have annual fees, but they also don’t offer welcome bonuses. This is why these cards can be excellent for renters due to their earning capabilities but might not be the best fit for someone who doesn’t pay rent.

Strategies for Maximizing Hyatt Points

Now that we’ve explored the various ways and cards that you can use to earn Hyatt points, let’s delve into strategies to maximize your earnings and make the most of Hyatt rewards!

1. Leverage Welcome Bonuses

One of the quickest ways to earn a massive amount of Hyatt points is by taking advantage of welcome bonuses offered by Hyatt co-branded and Chase Ultimate Reward credit cards. These bonuses are the best and provide an immediate boost to your points balance.

To capitalize on these bonuses, carefully review the eligibility criteria like the minimum spending requirements on eligible purchases. Ensure that you can comfortably meet the spending threshold within the stipulated timeframe to secure the welcome bonus before you apply.

Expert Tip: The Best App to Keep Track

Our very FAVORITE way to keep track of minimum spend requirements, annual fees, and more is by using the free Travel Freely app. You can download it here. It’s the best!

2. Optimize Bonus Categories

Hyatt co-branded credit cards and Chase Ultimate Rewards cards feature bonus categories that earn additional points on specific types of spending. Be aware of your spending habits and then use the right cards to maximize rewards in these categories, ensuring that you accumulate points at an accelerated rate.

For instance, the World of Hyatt Credit Card offers bonus points for purchases at Hyatt properties, restaurants, and transit. Whereas the Chase Sapphire Reserve card will get you 3x the points on any online grocery purchases.

Use the card strategically for these expenses to boost your point earnings.

3. Refer Your Friends and Loved Ones to Hyatt Credit Cards and Chase Credit Cards

If you have a trusted partner or spouse, you can refer each other to these cards to take advantage of lucrative referral bonuses in addition to the welcome bonuses. In the reward travel world, this is called “two-player mode” and it can more than double your earnings when done right! You can learn more about it in an explanation here!

4. Combine Points from Multiple Sources

A savvy approach to accumulating Hyatt points is to consolidate points from different sources. By combining points earned through hotel stays, credit card spending, and promotions, you can achieve a more substantial points balance. This versatility provides flexibility when planning your next Hyatt redemption.

Remember to link your World of Hyatt account with your credit cards to ensure seamless points transfers and prevent any potential loss of points.

5. Participate in Hyatt Promotions

Hyatt frequently runs promotions that offer bonus points for specific actions or during certain periods. Keep a keen eye on Hyatt’s promotional announcements and register for relevant promotions to capitalize on these opportunities.

Promotions may include bonus points for staying a certain number of nights, booking through specific channels, or participating in targeted campaigns. Engaging with these promotions can significantly enhance your points accumulation strategy.

6. Utilize Hyatt Partners

Hyatt offers several other ways to earn points by using their travel partners. We’ve created a list of the current partners and promos. Remember these can shift and change. Always check this page for the most updated partnerships.

  • FIND Expeditions – earn 10 World of Hyatt reward points per dollar spent on your vacation activities
  • American Airlines – earn 1 World of Hyatt point per dollar spent on American Airlines tickets (this is in addition to AA points already earned)
  • Avis Car Rentals – earn 500 points per eligible rental car purchase in the United States and abroad.

7. When You’re Ready, Start Going for Elite Status

Earning elite status within the World of Hyatt program not only unlocks exclusive benefits but also enhances your point-earning potential. Higher elite status tiers, such as Explorist and Globalist, provide bonus points on qualifying stays, boosting your overall accumulation rate.

With a more intermediate or advanced strategy, you can plan your stays to achieve and maintain elite status, ensuring that you capitalize on these additional point-earning opportunities.

Ways to Earn Hyatt Points Wrap-Up

Navigating the world of Hyatt points accumulation requires a strategic and informed approach but it doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you choose to leverage Hyatt co-branded credit cards or the versatility of Chase Ultimate Rewards cards, the goal is to accumulate points efficiently and unlock the unparalleled experiences offered by the World of Hyatt program and you can absolutely do it!

As you embark on your journey to earn and redeem Hyatt points, keep an eye out for promotions, and good bonus offers, explore diverse redemption options, and consider the value of each point in the context of your travel preferences. With a well-crafted strategy, you can elevate your travel experiences and enjoy the amazing benefits that come with being a member of the World of Hyatt. Happy travels!

And, don’t forget. If you are new to the world of points and miles, you can download our free Points and Miles Crash Course here!

Hyatt Points FAQs

Have some more Hyatt questions? We’ve got answers!

How much are 50,000 Hyatt Points worth?

One average, with a standard redemption 50k Hyatt Points are worth up to 1,200! However, there are booking strategies that can help you make even more of your Hyatt points.

Do Hyatt Points Expire?

If you have 24 months of complete account inactivity, then your Hyatt points can expire.

Do Hyatt Members get free breakfast?

At properties like Hyatt House, and Hyatt Place breakfast is always included for everyone. If you want breakfast included at the more upscale properties, you’ll need to have Globalist status.

Does Hyatt Status Match to Marriott?

Hyatt rarely does “status matches” so usually, no Hyatt will not status match your elite Marriott status.

Can I Use my Hyatt Points to Make a Reservation for Someone Else?

Yes, you can. However, it’s best to call an agent and have them help you do this.

Can spouses share Hyatt points?

Yes, you can share your Hyatt points with almost anyone. You’ll need to initiate a transfer through a form online. You can see it here.

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