FREE Points & Miles Crash Course

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This FREE Points & Miles Crash Course E-Book is the perfect place to get a leg up and start reward traveling the RIGHT way. It’s 24 pages of points and miles goodness that will provide you with actionable ways to start earning points and miles TODAY!

No shady practices, tanking credit scores or amassing credit card debt here. In fact, if you follow this crash course it will help your savings and your credit score grow. I promise, your bank account will thank you!

Not entirely sure what reward travel is? Check out our Reward Travel for Beginners Article here!

Your Points and Miles Crash Course E-Book will cover everything from:

  • the basics of points and miles
  • to what makes up your credit score
  • to insider knowledge on the best free tools and resources for you
  • and it will give you some of my favorite ways to earn points FAST

With this crash course guide, you can stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table and start earning free travel on every purchase while also growing your credit score.

So if you want to get started reward traveling for nearly free, don’t wait any longer – grab this Points and Miles Crash Course E-Book today! With some small tweaking to how you purchase your normal everyday items, you’ll be able to experience all the amazing benefits that come with reward travel.


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