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Welcome to Our Family Passport, a blog dedicated to all aspects of family travel


Welcome to our family travel blog! We have a love for (okay, obsession for might be a better description, haha) traveling all over the world with our family, and we want to share our experiences and tips with you. We are a family of ten, with ages ranging from our very youngest, Becks (age 4), to Shani and Phil (too old to say:)), the parents/grandparents of the crew!


Firstly, you should know that we are NOT fulltime travelers. We have family obligations, jobs, homes, and church and school responsibilities. We save, plan for, and budget all our travels. We know it can be a challenge to save for a big trip, but we want to encourage you to do it! It’s worth it! In this blog, you’ll find helpful tips on saving costs, packing light, traveling with kids, and also our most favorite things to do and itineraries from our latest destinations.

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Why is travel important?


We believe that traveling as a family can strengthen relationships, improve worldview, and can be incredibly educational.  At every age (even small children), we all learn and grow from experiences while traveling.  We LOVE to travel and learn as a family, and we want to share our knowledge so you can do it too!!!


This blog started out as a passion project of ours, documenting our favorite destinations. We soon found that so many other families love traveling and are interested in becoming global citizens and having meaningful experiences together. Again, we are not full time travelers, and we created this blog to show how we make traveling work for our big family and our individual little families as well. We make travel a big part of our lives because:


traveling as a family can have many benefits

  • It brings us closer as a family (or friends)
  • It’s educational–the world becomes our classroom
  • It helps us connect the dots with things we’ve all studied and learned in school
  • Shared experiences improves our relationships with each other
  • It’s fun


Most of all, we believe in the philosophy of “experiences over things.” We have found that we are more likely to remember a great outing with the people we love over a gift we may have received for our birthday last year.  Our photos, memories and experiences last a lifetime!

How are we experts?


You may wonder what makes us experts. Well, we’ve traveled to over 40 countries, most of them together, over the span of decades. We’ve traveled to 6 out of the 7 continents (we only have Australia to go:)) and we’ve logged way too many miles to count. We’ve invested lots of money and lots of time figuring out how to travel with efficiency, purpose and fun.


The tips and tricks you will find on our blog are from actual experience, from needing the right travel documentation for our youngest members of the family, to packing for a long flight. As we learn and discover new strategies and improve our methods, we will share them with you.


We believe that travel can create beautiful memories, strengthen relationships, and teach us so much about the world. Our multi-generational family has seen the benefits of travel together, and we believe your family deserves those benefits too!

What this blog entails


We regularly update our blog (about once a week), unless we are actively traveling. Our topics range from general travel tips, to specific places and activities we love. If you’re interested in a specific continent or subject, just search that destination or search for it on the menu! Here’s a sneak peak for what we offer:



We only write about places we have visited, so rest assured, you can trust that our recommendations come from personal experience. We have traveled to over 40 countries across 6 continents, mostly with the whole family. If you are interested in traveling as a couple or even by yourself, much of the information we share is equally applicable and we have the topics for you! Our posts have details about our favorite places to stay (and not to stay), where to get great food, and our recommendations for things to do within each destination and amazing day trips that we love.




Travel tips from our family to you


Travel Tips for the Whole Family

Our posts aren’t just about different destinations. We also post travel tips and hacks to help make traveling easier, more efficient, and budget and family friendly. We also believe so strongly in learning from our travels and share ideas on how to learn before, during and after a trip. From finding cheap flights to packing for a long flight, our tips constantly evolve as we learn more efficient ways to travel. Our travel tips come from our experiences and what has worked for us, so our advice and  opinions may change over time or may differ depending on who is traveling.


Traveling with Kids

Traveling with children, especially young children, presents a whole new set of challenges. Meltdowns can happen at the most inconvenient of times (trust us we know), children may not be interested in an art museum tour (or any tour haha), and they require more preparation to keep them engaged and happy and healthy during travel. Learn along with us as we post about how to keep your child calm during long travel days, how to get them interested in the educational aspect of traveling, help them have fun and, most importantly, proper travel consent documentation.


Family travel tips for all destinations


More than anything, we want to encourage you, our readers to travel with your own loved ones and families. We want to encourage you to make beautiful memories and experience adventures through travel!  So, learn with us, read our content, and start planning your next vacation!


Free Coloring Pages and Printables

We learn so much while traveling! In our experience, one of the best ways to help foster learning is to prepare for our travels beforehand. We have put together an entire section on our blog to help you and your family prepare for your travels! With destination specific coloring pages and free printables we have created a space where you can bring a destination right to your home, create hours of learning and have fun all at the same time.