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Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

Travel is full of amazing experiences that you can share with your loved ones. While it can be stressful at times, especially going through the airport or security, the stresses are small compared to your amazing vacation!


Traveling with kids is a whole other experience. Kids run on their own time and internal clock, so your itinerary needs to reflect that. It takes all sorts of physical and emotional prep. A small inconvenience for an adult can lead to a complete meltdown for a child–in our case, sometimes it’s the opposite! But, even though traveling with kids is its own beast, we believe it is totally worth it.

Traveling with kids, with the right tips and preparation, can be an amazing experience for all!

Will My Child Remember It?


This is partially true. A small child isn’t going to recognize the importance of Angkor Wat. But, with some proper prep and planning, your child will at least be able to understand some of the historical significance, so they can be engaged and interested during the more history-oriented trips.


A baby won’t be able to process or understand what is going on at all, but we strongly believe that exposing kids to new sights, sounds, and smells will have a profound effect on their growth and development. With our itineraries and travel tips designed for keeping kids happy during your travels, you can be prepared for just about anything!


What Makes You an Expert at Traveling With Kids?


Because kids are their own little people, we don’t think anybody is a true parenting expert! But, we have lived abroad with our small kids and have TONS of experience traveling as a whole family. We’ve learned from lots of fails and successes. The many vomiting experiences, fits, and meltdowns have prepared us to give you the tools to avoid all that. We learned how to become better parents and want to help you teach and create unforgettable memories with your children.


How Do You Prepare Your Kids To Travel?


We always try to prepare! We read lots of books, play educational games to learn about our next destination, listen to local music, and utilize coloring pages to help them recognize famous landmarks and areas. This all happens long before we travel! Taking the time to prep your child about the new destination and get them excited for the experience will make the adjustment easier for all! We have a post about our favorite way to count down to our vacation to Disneyland. If you want to make your own for your kids, you can find the download here. We also have lots of tips for long flights with young kids, too!


When we get to the destination, one of the best ways we keep the little ones engaged (and the adults too, let’s be honest) is to keep things on their level. Our itineraries are full of activities and locations that both adults and kids can enjoy, so the experience is fun all around. And, when all else fails, having M&M’s at your disposal always helps, too. See our travel tips for parents and how to travel with kids blog posts below! As we travel to new destinations, we will update our content with new tips and tricks to help you during your next vacation!

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