Our Favorite Place to Retreat and Unplug

We have traveled as a family to many places across the globe and we love to collect our passports stamps (wink). However, there’s one place that we have traveled to dozens of times over the last decade.  It doesn’t require a passport stamp at all and is in close driving distance from our home. Of all our family destinations in the US, this place holds our top spot (especially for my husband Phil) for our favorite place to retreat and unplug.  When I say unplug, it isn’t necessarily to unplug from devices or electronics (although, we don’t get very good reception sometimes).  But instead, an escape from the pressures of life and unplugging from routine and the daily grind and enjoying a change of scenery together.  It is our happy place, our home away from home.  We always return home to our busy lives refreshed and rejuvenated.  

Where is our favorite place to retreat and unplug?  Are you ready for it?? –  Victor, Idaho.

Seriously? Victor, Idaho?  What?  Has anyone even heard of Victor, Idaho?  Well, probably not too many.  Victor is a smaaall town with only about 2000 residents (that number significantly increases when all 8* of us show up.  HAHA!).  With only one stoplight and one tiiiiiny little grocery store, if you blink while passing through, you will miss it altogether.  

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Snow covered mountain and trees, blue sky
Regardless of the different seasons, it is really one of the most peaceful places!

A Little Introduction to Victor

Located 20 miles from both Jackson Hole, WY and Grand Teton National Park (and only 80 miles from Yellowstone) Victor occupies the quiet western slopes of the Teton Mountains.  Nope, you won’t find chain restaurants, mega-movie theatres, or super Wal-Mart and a good shopping mall is hundreds of miles away.  But honestly, for us, that is the appeal. It’s quiet and still.  Maybe even untroubled.  I can often find myself relaxing just arriving into the Teton Valley.

Where We Stay

We always stay within the planned community of Teton Springs , nestled tightly up into the mountain.  It feels so good to breathe a lung-full of fresh mountain air and view the night skies.  In Victor, unlike at home, there is no light pollution and the stars twinkle so brightly.  Nature here seems grand.  This summer, I drug my son Easton (age 16) to gather wildflowers together to make a fresh bouquet.  The nature here makes me take pause and stand in wonder.  Simplicity and grandeur all wrapped up together!

Things to do in Victor, Idaho

The Sites and Wildlife

The wildlife viewing is spectacular in this region.  Recently, on an early morning walk with my daughter Kamree and my grandson Beckham,  we stopped as we heard something rustling in the bushes.  You never know what it could be and honestly, we never go out and about in this area without our bear spray.  But what do you know?  From the forest on the side of the road, out walked 9 baby raccoons in single file across the road and into the brush on the other side.  We giggled with delight as we watched them.  It was soo fun and over so quickly but we still talk about it.  We also regularly see moose, bears, bald eagles perched in trees, beavers building their lodges, elk, deer, foxes and many other wildlife species in their habitat.  Our latest wildlife sighting (just a few weeks ago) was a solitary little bat that found a place to sleep for a few days nestled right above our back door.  We watched it and monitored it with fascination.  I never knew a bat was so cute!!

Hiking tail with river and trees
There are so many fantastic untouched places to get out into nature and explore!

Nearby Activities

In addition to the natural beauty and quiet solitude, there are outdoor activities galore.  Summer activities include golfing, biking, hiking, fishing the Snake River and white-water rafting.  Winter activities include skiing and snowboarding (Grand Targhee is only 20 miles away) snowmobiling, snow-shoeing and heli-skiing (right from Teton Springs).  There is also a spa on site, tennis courts and a swimming pool (open seasonally).

walking trail near trees, wooden bridge, river and moped on bridge.
One of our favorite things is to bike and ride our scooters through the little town and resort!

Everyone needs a place of retreat when life gets crazy and overwhelming.  Everyone needs a respite.  Victor, Idaho is not fancy or hugely popular but it is beautiful and quiet and is currently our favorite place to retreat and unplug from the everyday stresses of life.  Maybe you should make it a stop on your itinerary?  

Happy Travels!


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grand teton national park colored coloring page
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fall colored trees, blue sky Grand teton the ultimate place to retreat & unplug.



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