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Let’s be honest, sitting on an airplane or in a car for hours with bored kids can be a living nightmare! I have found a few of the best ways to help my kids avoid the fighting, whining, and asking “are we there yet?” a million times over is to keep them well-fed, and entertained! I am always on the lookout for safe, educational, and entertaining apps for my kids when we have a trip coming up.

One of the best apps for kids travel is the Crayola Create and Play app! It’s easy to use, has endless activities, is STEAM and education-based, and has an amazing “Coloring the World” section that we love! Let me show you why the Crayola Create and Play app is one of the best apps for kids travel currently on the market. Also, don’t forget to grab your own free 7 day trial period here so you and your kids can give it a try too!

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best app for kids travel

Why is the Crayola Create and Play App One of the Best Apps for Kids Travel Right Now?

There are several reasons why we love the Create and Play App, but here are a few of the best things:

It is Safe and Data Protected.

As a parent, I want to make sure that when my kids are on any sort of electronic device that they are going to be safe and aren’t going to accidentally happen upon some age-inappropriate ad or link. This is especially important when we are sitting on a long flight or a car ride and my kids might not be right next to me the whole time where I am monitoring their devices as much as I usually do. I love that the Crayola Create and Play app was designed with kids’ safety in mind and is GDPR and COPPA assured for kid privacy and data safety.

The Monthly Updates

One of the reasons why this is one of the best apps for kids travel is that it updates with new games, coloring pages, and activities monthly! This is awesome because kids aren’t getting bored (again, boredom is the WORST on planes and cars) and they always have something to look forward to when we head out on a new trip. We really love that the activities and coloring pages that are added usually seem to follow some sort of a theme. For example, some of the new coloring pages that were added for the month of February were Valentine’s pages.

It is Full of Educational and STEAM Based Games

I really love that the activities and games aren’t just totally mindless. The activities are STEAM-based and so there is an educational element to them. My kids really love to experiment in the color learning lab and think the garden area is awesome! They also are obsessed with the pets that they can hatch and take care of. It is like a better, more educational version of their own Tamagotchi pet that they can play with and take care of while we are on our trip! It gives them something to look forward to on those long travel days.

best app for little kids travel

The “Colors of the World” Section

Global education is big at our house and I feel strongly about exposing my kids to different cultures. We absolutely LOVE the Colors of the World digital coloring pages. This app has colors specifically designed to represent accurate and realistic ethnicities and races. My kids especially love the pages representing China!

Get Your Own Crayola Create and Play App

Start You Free Seven Day Trial Here – Crayola Create and Play 7 Day Free Trial!

I know that parents don’t always want to pay for a bunch of apps for their kids. However, the safety, longevity, and educational value of this app is totally worth it! Not to mention that your kids will love it! So, if you are going to buy any type of app for your kids to help entertain them while traveling make it this one! For a free 7 day trial, you can sign up here!

Note: The Crayola Create and Play App is great for younger children ages 4-8 years old! We found that our oldest had grown out of most of the features but our younger ones loved it. 



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