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10 New Years Resolution Ideas for Travelers

What is it about New Years that is so exciting and prompts us all to think that we can take on the world? We don’t know. However, and this is a big however, we like almost every other person on this green earth fall victim to the New Years Resolution hoax and then are SO depressed come February 1st when we have already given up. We have all had failed resolutions so this year we are making resolutions about things that we ACTUALLY want to keep! Read on for 10 New Years resolution ideas for travelers or for families, to make this next year an amazing one!

Top 10 Travel New Years Resolution Ideas

  1. Get Out – seriously, leave the country and explore a new place.
  2. Forget You – do something on a trip solely for the benefit of others. Work as a humanitarian aid, get active, get involved, serve.
  3. Lighten Up – does anyone else ever feel like they pack about 10 things too many? Lighten up and attempt at packing lite, your back will thank you later.
  4. Be Responsible – leave the location you are visiting, the environment and it’s people better than you found it. Think a little bit more about the world around you.
  5. Make Friends – try to make at least one lasting and meaningful human connection on your travels.
  6. Go It Alone – take one solo trip just for you. Do something you love, nurture yourself, and look inward.
  7. Cross It Off – take a stab at that ever growing bucket list and do at least one thing from your list this year.
  8. Learn It Live – prepare beforehand so you can learn and grow on your trip. Schedule a cooking class, study up on a work of art that you will be seeing, know the cultural traditions before you visit. See our steps on how to actually learn and enjoy and art museum, 7 Steps to Enjoy an Art Museum.
  9. Get A Rush – do something to get that adrenaline pumping! Attempt surfing, take a skiing class, bungee jump. Get out of that comfort zone man!
  10. Be Together – travel with your family. Focus on experiences with each other over things. Live in the moment and make those memories.

Our Family Passport Resolutions


Travel somewhere REALLY romantic and REALLY fun with my hubby (any suggestions?)
Plan a trip to my 7th continent
Learn and practice how to take better travel videos and travel vlogs


Travel to a brand new country!
Take my little one to Disneyland and spend some family time before we hopefully add another little one to our crew! (yay!)


Stay in our budget
Move to a new state (Eeeek!)
Go somewhere international with just me and my hubby


What are your resolutions? Does anyone else have a hard time keeping their resolutions like us?

Let us know XO!

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top ten new years resolution ideas for travelers.

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11 thoughts on “10 New Years Resolution Ideas for Travelers

  1. Nice ideas! I think everybody struggles keeping their resolutions. Mine are – more sport and more outdoor things. I am set to run a half marathon and I would like to sign up for a paragliding course. Well – let us see what to 2019 brings. Hopefully a year full of travels!

  2. I rarely make New Years resolutions because I know, like you said, I will feel like I have failed when they don’t happen. It’s a great idea to make resolutions around your travel goals. I totally live by #1 even though I stay in the US. I always travel alone and try to make at least one connection on every trip. I think #2 and #8 would be fun to work on this year.

  3. Number 9 is definitely my favourite and will be top of my list for 2019. I would also love to attempt number 3 because I always fail to pack lite! 🤦🏼‍♀️Could I join your bungee jump off the Victoria Falls bridge, please Kam? 😁

  4. Hey, Shani! I am thinking about traveling to Madagascar and Mauritius this year. Maybe you should consider them for your anniversary too. I believe they are beautiful, romantic and fun.

    Have fun in Europe, Kam!

    Happy and safe travels in 2019!
    xoxo Milijana

  5. Get out! This is my ultimate NY resolution goal too. It has been actually for the past years.
    Also, looks like Kam’s wishes are same with mine also except that hopefully add another little one 🙂

  6. These are some great resolutions. Some of them are very helpful and we have been practicing them since long.

    Have a great time with yours. 🙂

  7. This year I’m making a list of blogging resolutions (rather than travel resolutions, as I did every year), but I do have the point: travel to new places 🙂 in my blogging list
    Good luck with them all and happy new year!

  8. Resolutions are an age-old ideal, but such pressure to live up to. I like to make resolutions like ‘try to be the best me I can be each day’ – nothing too specific that I can fail at! I like your resolution about making a long lasting friend in every place you visit – human connection is good!

  9. I love your resolution about being responsible. As a full-time traveling family, we think about our travel impact in every destination we go to. I think ALL travelers need to do this.

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