travelers first aid kit checklistTravelers First Aid Kit Checklist

How We Use Our First Aid Kit when Traveling

Ours is packed in a heavily woven, sturdy fabric bag with separate zippered compartments.  It is compact and fits easily into the corner of any piece of luggage. Remember the weight factor – keep it useful and minimal.  It may not be realistic to carry a first-aid kit weighing several pounds.  I always throw the kit into the luggage of the person who has the most room on any particular trip.

While our list is pretty awesome (wink) it isn’t the end all be all of first aid. However, from our experience, the things found on the checklist are things we have found MOST useful to have on hand while exploring the world.  It is important to note – We are not medical experts and are not qualified to give any medical-related advice.  Use your own judgment and pack the items that may be needful for you and your family.  In doing so, you can travel with peace of mind knowing when a minor situation arises you will be better equipped to deal with it. It is always good to be prepared!!

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