Morocco Desert Coloring Page for kids Morocco Desert Coloring Page

kids camel coloring page africa

Hello, Friends! We recently returned home from Morocco and couldn’t wait to get started on creating our Morocco coloring pages. We love how these African coloring pages accurately show what we experienced on our travels. One of our favorite things we saw in Morocco and something we incorporated into this page happens to spit and carry large amounts of water in its humps for long desert treks… can you guess it? That’s right! The handsome camel. This camel coloring page will inspire your children to learn about the unique animals, culture, and landscape of Morocco while also fulfilling their fun and creative needs.

This printable Morocco Desert coloring page for kids also shows the famous African desert with the towns and mosques of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains in the background.

What is the Coloring the World Movement?

At Our Family Passport, we believe that exploring, traveling and learning go together like Moroccan tea and sugar.  Whether you want to just get your creative juices flowing as a family, or you are out and about experiencing the world together, it is our hope that our educational coloring pages will provide you and your family with hours of enjoyment and learning!

What Your Digital and Printable Coloring Page Purchase Includes!

Your purchase includes a total of 5 PDF and 5 PNG file downloads so you can print, color, and download your travel coloring page all around the globe!

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Morocco is an exotic country and must be experienced with all five senses.  From the kasbahs to the souks, to the desert landscape, to the medinas, if you’ve never visited before, it can be a little overwhelming.  Read here to see our post about What You Should Know Before You Go to Morocco. You will find all the helpful tips and tricks to make your visit to Morocco the best!  Combine this educational coloring page with this post and you will be good to go.

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