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Destinations for Families in the United States and Canada

This page focuses on our favorite family destinations in the US and Canada. From our favorite beach destinations to getting the perfect powder on a ski trip, this destination is for you! The United States and Canada have a huge variety of sights, sounds, and taste, depending on where you want to go. You can plan one trip after another, and have a completely different experience every time!

destinations for families in the united states and canada.

Why the United States and Canada?


Most of our readers live in the United States or Canada. Our countries are so full of amazing cities and destinations for the whole family, but we often don’t see it. We know people who lived their whole lives in New York City, and have never seen the Statue of Liberty. We aim to change that, and show you the amazing and varied vacations you can get without leaving the continent!


When people think of travel or vacations in the United States, they often think of going to Hawaii or one of the Disney parks. While these are great, and we have great itineraries for both, there is so much more to the United States than that. When you go to the West Coast instead of the East Coast, for instance, you will get a completely different experience. California’s beaches are warm, and are full of a relaxed vibe and EXCELLENT Mexican food. Florida, on the other hand, has a lot of Cuban influence and you can see it when you visit Orlando or Miami. And, when you go to the Deep South or fish for lobster in Maine, you will be exposed to the most fascinating local culture.


Our favorite place to get away from the hustle and bustle of traveling and our daily lives is in Idaho, where most people don’t think to travel. It’s a beautiful area that’s far away from large cities, so you can see the Milky Way, and, if you’re lucky, the International Space Station!


What’s in this Category?


When you search for destinations in the USA and Canada, you’ll find a lot of posts about our home state, Utah. Most people know about the ski resorts, but don’t know much about what Salt Lake City offers to people who aren’t a fan of skiing. We also talk about the best way to navigate Disneyland, and our favorite places to stay in Hawaii. As we expand our travel, you can expect more posts about our adventures in the United States and Canada!


We LOVE Chicago! Chicago, as a destination for families in the US, is great for a quick weekend getaway or for a longer...