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Travel Tips

Family Travel Tips

A big part of our site is travel tips.  Allow us to share:). As regular travelers, we know all about the challenges that come with traveling, especially with small children (or big children, haha). The more we travel, the more we realize being an efficient traveler is a skill. The more prepared you are for a trip and for a destination, the better experience EVERYONE will have! Knowing the most up-to-date tips will help you plan, prepare, be safe, and create your own incredible family memories!

Over our decades of traveling, we have gathered a wealth of information and hacks to make traveling more seamless and easier on you (and your wallet). So, if you want helpful tips about traveling, look no further!


How Are We The Experts?

ALL of our family travel tips come from personal experience. Experience is the best teacher. So, be it through research, trial & error, or flat out mistakes (there have been many), we have compiled them all into little nuggets of wisdom to help you, our fellow family travelers. For instance, we were once stopped in Zambia by border control and realized we didn’t have the right documentation for our youngest traveler! Talk about major stress! Want to know how we got out of that pickle? Read about the documentation you need when traveling internationally with minors.

If someone had been giving away free tips and hacks for family traveling years ago, we would have saved ourselves a lot of money and stress! Just within 2017, our family took well over 300 flights combined traveling the world. We are constantly learning new things, so you can expect constant updates and what WE learned to help make your travels more efficient, easy, and fun for your family vacation!


What Kinds of Travels Do Our Trips Cover?

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Our expertise lies in family travel! While we do occasionally make small getaways for couples, girls trips or even solo trips, most of our itineraries and tips involve things to do for the whole family.

When it comes to budget, we have a balance. We love our luxurious vacations, but it’s all about having a balance with smaller and more inexpensive vacations, too. Even though flying first-class and staying in the best hotels is preferable (of course) to the smaller hotels and flying coach, having a healthy balance can give you a different perspective and also save you some money! :)  Each of our smaller families have a travel budget that needs to be balanced at the end of the year. We’ll to show you how we manage that.



What About Traveling With Kids?


If you’re one of those lucky families with little kids, you may think you need to wait until they are older to enjoy travel. Honestly, you shouldn’t wait! Time passes too quickly and we suggest getting your treasured little ones involved. We have traveled with toddlers, children, teenagers, and even infants! With the right planning our vacations have always been no less than wonderful no matter the age of our kids.


But The Infant Or Toddler Won’t Remember It Right?


We hear this too often, “I’m going to wait until the children will remember it.” In our opinion, if that were sound thinking then we would never take our small children to a museum or read bedtime stories to them.  While an infant or small child can’t necessarily tell mom, “Wow, I really liked that art museum!” Babies learn from the moment they open their eyes. We want those precious children to see sights that they wouldn’t otherwise see, and be exposed to new smells, sounds, tastes, and people. We want our children to be global citizens. Through travel at a very young age, they can learn about other culture, and gain appreciation & respect for how other people live.  Foundations for learning are being laid at a very young age.  Remember, not all classrooms have four walls.


Traveling with Children Can Be a Challenge.


It’s true.  While we 100% believe that traveling with small children benefits everyone involved, it comes with challenges. If you want to bring children on your vacations we will help your family overcome challenges that may arise! Some examples of challenges may be they don’t have the patience for a long walk through an art museum, for instance, or they may get tired & hungry before the adults. Jet lag can also be a real struggle which makes for fussy kids! (adults too!)


But, we believe it is worth it to bring your kids. Children make important connections while traveling that help form who they are and who they will be.  Traveling is so educational!


When it comes to keeping a child entertained on a long flight or finding things to do in cities that can be fun for the whole family, we’ve got you covered!

Need to travel but don't have the funds???  Read below to find our 12 Tips to Finding Cheap Flights... Have you ever noticed that nearly everyone at the airport is seriously grumpy? When we were little we used to play a game every time we had to take a flight.  While we were at the airport, we would smile at as many people we could and see how many people we could get to smile back. Seriously it was about a 20% smile conversion rate. So the question that begs asking, is why is it that airports and flights can bring the worst out in people?

Perhaps it is because most of us end up paying an arm and a leg to be squished like a sardine in an extra large petri dish for hours. While we can’t take away the unpleasant aspects of flying (like the man who is holding his large screeching cat on his lap sitting next you - yes true story. We promise we will tell you more about it later). We hopefully can provide some insight on how to land cheap flights and not spend your life saving on air travel. A Quick Note ** To be fair, saving money and scoring a cheap flight takes some initiative and time. By far the most convenient way to book a flight and to travel is to fly direct, fly first class, and pick the exact airport and date you want and move on. While that rocks - the majority of travelers can not afford to travel that way. If you can more power to you!

These family travel tips are tried and proven and more often than not, they will help you save some serious cash on flights anywhere around the world!