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Destinations for Families in Australia and South Pacific

We have to be honest here: we haven’t traveled a lot in Australia and the South Pacific! Europe has seen the most travel for our family, but we promise we are planning more trips to this part of the world soon! We’ve already taken a trip to the island of Moorea, and we have some of our guest bloggers talk about their adventures in Australia and how to tour the Great Ocean Road.

destinations for families in Australia & South Pacific

Why Australia and the South Pacific?


If all you know about Australia and the South Pacific is Finding Nemo and Crocodile Dundee, that’s only a small portion of this amazing part of the world! Australia is a very large and diverse continent, with large cities full to bursting with cultures and fun things to do! Whether you’re in the mood for catching waves or listening to opera at the Sydney Opera House, this destination is for you! And, if your family is full of movie buffs, take a trip to New Zealand to see the locations for the blockbuster trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. There, you can live like a hobbit in the Shire and see the beautiful locations from the movie.


If your kids are too young to be interested in opera (let’s face it, not many of our adults are either!), exploring the cities and local beaches are full of surprising sights and adventures! You can join a sandcastle competition with other families, go snorkeling along the coral reef, and even meet the local animals! We are really looking forward to a chance to hold a cuddly Koala, and we think you will too!


What’s Your Favorite Destination?


Our favorite part (so far) in the South Pacific is the island of Moorea. It’s a beautiful set of islands, complete with resorts and cabins that sit directly above the water! Our family loved the beautiful beaches and the resorts that had fun activities for our young kids and adults!


What’s In This Category?


In this category, you’ll see destinations for families in Australia and the South Pacific. The types of destinations are often beaches and resorts, but if you and your family are interested in a more rugged, walkabout type of vacation, you may see a post about that from a guest blogger soon!