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Destinations for Families in Mexico, Central, and South America

In our family, we have two members that love the Spanish language and Latin culture. Their love and interest for the culture fuels many of our family itineraries to Mexico, Central and South America. We tend to group these trips together, so that’s why you can find them in the same category.

Destinations for Families in Mexico, Central, and South America have so many interesting and amazing places to explore. Here are just a few things that we love about these destinations:


  • Amazing food
  • Huge mountains
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • Lush jungles
  • Exotic wildlife
  • Incredible waterfalls
  • Modern and ancient history


On top of all these aspects of these destinations, we truly love the people we’ve met on our travels. They are the kindest, happiest people we’ve met. And if you haven’t had carnitas tacos from a family-owned restaurant in Mexico, you are missing out!


Why Mexico, Central, and South America?


For us, these destinations feel exotic, exciting, and mystical. Culturally, we love the vibe and it is so fun to explore and examine both the differences and similarities from our home. Both Phil and Tanner lived in South and Central America for two years, so there is a lot of love and sentimental feelings when we visit.


What are Your Favorite Destinations?


We LOVE the adventures we had in Costa Rica, and at the top of our list is Machu Picchu and Peru–one of our favorite vacations ever, hands down. The areas we are most excited about going to next are Iguazu Falls and the Galapagos Islands.


What are in these Itinaries?


These itineraries are full of educational and exciting adventures, with recommendations for the best places to stay and our favorite restaurants. We love what we call “luxury adventure,” where we go explore in the wild and have a great adventure, then come back and relax in a resort. We also have great recommendations on hotels and resorts, and we will be happy to suggest ones that fit your budget!


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