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Hello! I am so excited that you have some interest in learning more about reward travel. I am here to help make those once-in-a-lifetime trips more of a reality for you and your family!

Reward Travel 101

Most of the clients I help earn at least $500 – $750 dollars in free travel within their first 3 months. Then many go on to earn at least one free trip a year for their family thereafter.
My email consultations are and always will be free!
I also offer personalized one on one virtual meetings to help with travel planning, booking etc… for a small cost. Please just let me know if you are interested and I can get you on the schedule.

What is the Best Card for You?

By far, the most common question I get is “what is the best card?” and I have learned that the answer to this question depends on your own goals and travel style. So a little tailoring to your situation can go a long way.
Over the next few emails, we can talk about ways to get you an extra 50k – 100k points with very little effort. It’ll all be about us putting together a simple plan in place for you and helping you know a few tricks so you can maximize your credit cards to the fullest, find the best travel deals and earn more free travel!

How to Make the Most of Your FREE Reward Travel Consult

To make the most of these consults there are a few things for you to do!
  1. Fill out this google form. This form takes less than 5 minutes and will help me tailor suggestions and recommendations to you and your family!
  2. If you are new to earning points and miles then read this article “How to Travel Hack” It will help give you a leg up as we begin discussing travel rewards, the different types of cards, and your options. It also brings up some of the pros and cons to earning reward travel and some things you want to consider before starting.
  3. Sign up for Travel Freely! It is by far my favorite travel rewards program. It is free, there is no up-sell, and it keeps track of annual fees, cards, points, and is really beneficial in creating a plan and strategy. Honestly, I can not recommend it enough. I have yet to find something on the market I like better.
Travel often seems like something that is far out of reach for average families but it doesn’t have to be! Earning reward travel isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. However, the families that are making the most of their credit cards are traveling in ways that they didn’t think were possible. A little budgeting, strategy, and know-how can go a long way!

My Purpose and Vision

My goal is to help you
  • Make the most of your budget
  • Help increase your ability to explore and make memories with your loved ones
  • Feel comfortable and aware of the things that you need to make sure of (paying your cards off every month, NOT overspending, keeping track of annual fees)
  • Set earning and travel goals that are realistic and tailored to you
I really love what I do and feel so strongly about everyone having the opportunity to travel. So, thank you so much for being here and for using my links! As a referral business, helping families find the right card and strategy for them is what keeps it running.
Chat soon!
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How to Travel hack
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