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How many kids are in your family? There are SO many people in your pictures!

There are currently a total of 8 people in our family (BUT… with four kids and only one who is married, it is bound to grow:)).  Often we like to travel with some other people as well. You will see friends, and other extended family members in our pictures from time to time. However, the people in our immediate family are as follows:

Dad – Phil
Mom – Shani
Kam (oldest)
Stef (married to Kam)
Becks (child of Stef and Kam)
Tan (2nd oldest)
Sav (3rd oldest)
E (Baby)

Speaking of pictures … Who takes your pictures?

Some of the images you see are professionally shot (we have linked the photographer to them). The majority of the other pictures you see are taken by; Sav, Stef, or Shani.

What Camera do you use?

Since this is a family blog and we all contribute, they are taken on a variety of different cameras. The cameras used are:

Nikon 7000
Cannon Rebel XI DSLR
Leica T Model (By far the favorite camera of the family. Honestly, we are obsessed.)
iPhone 6 and iPhone 7
GoPro Hero/GoPro Hero 5

Do you edit your photos and if so what editing programs do you use?

Sav (our in house photo editor) loves Adobe Lightroom and VSCO. The rest of us… well we don’t really know what we are doing so I don’t think that you want an answer.

What is your favorite destination?

This is like asking what child is our parent’s favorite (which by the way we have asked before and the answer – it changes on the day haha). We have stand out favorites but we don’t have one solid favorite and honestly it does change on the day. We pretty much love anywhere (except Las Vegas – I mean really, Vegas??? Ew)

How are you able pay for all of this travel?

At Kam’s wedding someone asked our Dad if he was in the drug business – um what?? No, there is not some hidden underground business that supports our traveling obsession. In all honesty it is paid for by; lots of budgeting, planning, saving, Skymiles, and Amex Points.

Why Travel?

Why not travel? We have found that some of our happiest times have been on vacation. We get to be together, experience new things, and create memories. We all like nice things (don’t get us wrong) but prefer to spend money on experiences.

Who is the biggest traveler in your family?

By far our mom – Shani, she has got the travel bug BAD man and it has just spread like wildfire to the rest of us.

Do you guys have lives outside of travel?

Um yes. We work, go to school, participate in our communities etc. Keep in mind that this blog showcases the highlight reels of our lives. Our lives are far from perfect and are sometimes fat messes.

It seems like you always get along perfectly. Do you ever fight or argue?

HECK YES! Oh gosh, we have had some massive family meltdowns over the years. Like throwing golf clubs, storming off the tennis court, Kam crying and saying everybody hates her – types of meltdowns. However, we really do love each other and do get along for the most part. Again though, this is our highlight reel. Thank the Heavens that our worst moments are not posted for all to see. We have learned that one of the easiest ways to eliminate fights on trips is to let everybody have their space at times.

Why blog about your travels?

We have learned some really great lessons along the way and figured out how to effectively travel as a multigenerational family and want to inspire others to do the same. We also want to learn more about travel and what our readers do to make their traveling experiences memorable and effective!

What are your greatest travel tips for families?

Plan and prepare.
Try to let everyone in the family have a say.
Accept that there are always going to be ups and downs on trips, don’t expect it to be this glorious experience 100% of the time.
Be patient with each other.
Speak your mind if you are really upset about something.
Make traveling a learning experience as well.

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