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Destinations for Families in Europe

Destinations for families in Europe


Europe is our personal favorite destination for families! All the cities, countries, and activities are so varied that each trip is a different experience. We love the history, the art, the sights, and the ease of traveling from one country to the next. Europe is just a little larger than the continental United States, so to go from France to Germany is just a couple hour train ride. The posts in this category show our favorite destinations for families in Europe, and our recommendations to get the most out of your itineraries. To help make the travels easier, we also have lots of tips for finding inexpensive flights, how to keep your kids entertained on a long flight, and why we think bringing your kids on an international trip is a great idea.


Why Europe?


Each country is so culturally diverse and has the most unbelievable destinations! And, on the plus side, it is generally very tourist-friendly. You can easily find someone that can speak your language, and help direct you to your hotel, or recommend a dish at a restaurant. And, because of its history, it is really easy to plan and navigate your own trips–the real challenge is picking which activity you want to do first!


From the Eiffel Tower to the Colosseum and the Swiss mountains, we are convinced there isn’t a boring corner in Europe. We could travel here again and again, and always experience something new.


What Are Our Favorite Trips?


We sat down and seriously tried to pick a favorite trip in Europe, and we can’t. We love it all and it is one of our favorite places to explore on a girls only trip!


You can find the best vacations for Families in Europe, but it is also great for solo trips. Lots of people try backpacking across the continent and staying in hostels, but that isn’t our family’s style. Most of our family itineraries in Europe involve staying at nice locations. But, you don’t have to do it the way we did! You can find whatever style of travel you’re looking for in Europe.


Our Travels in Europe


Our European category is ever-expanding, so you can expect more posts about our different travels as time goes on. In this category, you can find itineraries for families, couples, and the sights and sounds you don’t want to miss!


If you are visiting Southern Germany with your family, then going to Dachau is an important site to visit. Among other things, Dachau...