Hooray! It was so amazing to participate in Pinner’s Conference this year! For today only, you’ll have access to “The Travel More for Less” Pinner’s Conference Package at an unbelievably discounted rate.  Once midnight comes the conference package will be gone, so don’t delay.

Here Is What Is Included In Your Limited Time Offer Conference Package!

  • An on-demand Reward Travel 101 Webinar (A 70-minute recorded webinar covering everything you need to know about reward travel. We cover the good, the bad, and everything in between. We discuss – annual fees, strategy, best practices, how to build credit, the 5/24 rule, business credit cards, two-player mode, booking techniques and tricks, and more! This webinar will give you all of the resources you need to decide if reward travel is for you and show you how to get started!) 
  • My 1st Year Reward Travel Strategy (my exact strategy on how I earned over $1,500.00 in free travel my first year!) 
  • The Price Match Master List (The list covers the exact price matching rules and information you need to price match 16 of the major US airlines and major international hotel brands. Everything from Southwest to Delta, to Hyatt, and Hilton!) 
  • The Taking Flight Printable and Digital Coloring Book to help prepare your little ones for any upcoming travel! (Our 36-page activity and coloring book was written and designed to help little ones prepare for and have a great time on the airplane!) 
  • A 10 Step Booking Guide and Checklist (A little confused about how to get started with booking a trip? This guide will give you the steps you need to be successful!)
  • The Credit Card Transfer Partners Master List (The ultimate list of what credit cards transfer to what brands and the rates that you can do it at!) 

This is absolutely EVERYTHING you need to start booking, planning, and taking those Insta-worthy vacations! With this package, you will be booking and planning those family vacations for a lot less in no time!




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