Wednesday, March 30th, Reward Travel Webinar

Knowing how to reward travel is a wonderful way to maximize your normal everyday spending and earn free travel in return. However, travel hacking and reward travel isn’t always straightforward and can be overwhelming if you are just starting out. To help you avoid the pitfalls and frustration that can come with reward travel, we will be hosting a Reward Travel 101 Webinar!

Reward Travel Webinar Registration Fee

Your reward travel webinar will be an hour in length and will include a Q & A section at the end. The webinar registration fee is $10.00.

If you end up using one of my links to get a new travel credit card, then your attendance cost will be refunded to you through Venmo or Paypal once it is verified!


To recap

  • The webinar will be an hour in length
  • Costs $10.00 to register
  • Comes with the opportunity to have your registration fee covered and sent back to you via Paypal or Venmo if you end up getting a new credit card through one of my links after the webinar (will need to be verified).

Who is this Reward Travel Webinar For?

If you…

  • Want to get started with reward travel
  • Are curious to learn more about credit card benefits and learn how you can earn free travel
  • Need help figuring out what card is right for you
  • Are just starting out and need some direction

… then this 1-hour reward travel webinar will be perfect for you!

What Will The Reward Travel 101 Webinar Cover?

This webinar will cover all of the points below and more

  • What is reward travel?
  • The pros and cons of reward travel
  • Everything you need to know about annual fees
  • Reward travel and your credit
  • Addressing the 5/24 rule and how it works
  • Navigating generic bank cards versus branded cards
  • Navigating transfer partners
  • Finding the right card for you
  • Maximizing your earning potential
  • Booking and redeeming your free trips!
  • Retention offers, downgrading, or canceling a card
  • As a bonus, you will get a free 10-step guide to planning and booking your first reward travel trip!


Once you register, the link and instructions to join the webinar will be emailed to you directly! Registration is non-refundable with the exception detailed below.

Get Your Registration Fee Covered

If you end up using one of my affiliate links to get a new travel credit card after the webinar and it is verified, then your registration fee will be sent to you through Venmo or Paypal.

Note: The contents on my site and through these webinars are for informational/educational purposes only and do not constitute financial, or accounting advice.

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