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Destinations for Families in Asia

We love Asia! It is marked by the most exceptional extremes: some of the most ancient and unique cultures, many of our modern inventions, the highest mountain peaks, most populous cities, the largest continent and the tallest buildings! We want to keep exploring this continent and share our itineraries in Asia with you. For highly diverse and amazing destinations for families in Asia, keep on reading!

Why Asia?


When some people think about traveling to Asia, they consider only China. While China is an amazing destination and vacation spot for families, there is so much more that this continent has to offer. Places like India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and even parts of Russia are amazing places to visit, too. We are on our way to exploring this continent, and we want you to join us on our adventures!


If you are a fan of history, China, Japan, India, and Thailand have diverse and fascinating stories. You can learn more about the Hindu religion, explore the Great Wall of China, and tour the Forbidden City. The spirit of Asia is so different from the Western culture. We are fascinated and in love with the history, languages, religions, and culture of these continent. If you are a foodie, we are sure you know about the amazing food you can get in these countries! Curries, seafood, and delicious Cantonese dishes will wow you every meal! And, if you are in the mood for an adventure, the tallest mountain peaks and some of the longest rivers are just a short trip from your destination.


Our Favorite Trips


It’s hard to beat the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors in China. We also LOVED kayaking and exploring the lush peaks during a river trip in Southern Thailand. The area we cannot wait to explore more in Asia is India!


How Do You Recommend Traveling?


Since Asia is so different from our Western home, it can be hard to figure out where you are going, especially if you journey to less tourist-y destinations. Unless you are fluent in the language and can help the rest of your family navigate safely, we recommend you explore with a guide and stay at reputable places for tourists.