Apartment Basics & Instructions

Here is a little bit of information and a list of FAQ’s to help you during your stay.

A couple of things to note

  • The water can get hot. Error on the side of caution. Start the water a little cooler and then warm up from there.
  • There are a few cats in the neighborhood. They are really nice and shouldn’t bother you, but just in case they do, let me know. If on the off chance they try to enter the apartment, please just shoo them away.
  • The ice machine and water dispenser on the refrigerator right now are not working. To offset the inconvenience you will find freshly filled ice trays in the freezer and a Britta water filter in the refrigerator.

How do I access the wifi?

The network is Netgear 50 – Guest

Password is highlandbnb

How do I access the Apartment Netflix & Smart TV

You can find the remote on the coffee table. Power on the tv. Navigate to Netflix and it should already be logged in. You will find a profile set for guests.

  • There are a bunch of other apps on the TV (Disneyplus/Hulu etc…) that you are welcome to log into with your own accounts. Please be sure to log out of any of your personal apps before you leave.

How do I make cotton candy?


  • You are using the cotton candy machine at your own risk
  • Only use it on a flat surface
  • Don’t let it run for more than 40 minutes at a time
  • Keep fingers and cones out of the bowl and heating element
  • To clean the machine. Let it totally cool down first. Take off the clear bowl and wash the clear bowl in warm water. Take a damp paper towel and just wipe it around the machine itself. Don’t touch the heating element.


  • Turn on
  • Let warm-up for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Pick your flavor & fill up one full scoop (don’t use more than one scoop, it will overfill the machine)
  • Have your cotton candy cone nearby
  • Turn off the machine
  • Super quickly, pour the scoop of sugar into the very middle of the heating element (don’t pour it outside or on the coils – it will ruin the machine)
  • Turn the machine back on
  • Sugar will start flossing pretty quickly. Take your cone and hold it horizontally about 1/2 inch above the machine.
  • Slowly start spinning the cone. Sugar will start flossing and will cling to the cone. (Keep the cone outside of the bowl, it could catch)
  • Spin the cone until all of the sugar is melted and out of the heating element. One scoop will make one full cotton candy.
  • Turn off the machine and repeat steps for another flavor or another cone. (Once the machine is warmed up you can run it for about 20 additional minutes and can eliminate the “heating up” step at the beginning)
  • Turn the machine off when done and let it cool before returning to the shelf.

How-to Video

For an easy how-to video, you can check out this video here!


How do I pull out the Murphy Bed?

  • First, pull out the bottom drawer as far as it can go out and remove the pillows/blanket. It is REALLY important that you pull out the bottom drawer before you do anything else
  • Then, unlatched the hooks on each side of the entertainment center
  • Pull out the wooden frame
  • Layout the folded mattress on top

Where can I find the sheets/pillows/comforter for the Murphy Bed?

There is a grey storage box on the shelving section just to the right of the entertainment center labeled “Murphy Bed Sheets (Queen)”

How do I pull out the sofa bed?

  • Open the storage section and pull out the pillows/comforter
  • Pull the two handles on the sofa directly out
  • Once you pull directly out you can start lifting up and the bed will pop up.

Where can I find the sheets/pillows/comforter for the murphy bed?

There is a grey storage box on the shelving section just to the right of the entertainment center labeled “Sofa Bed Sheets (Full)”

What should we do with our trash?

You can put full trash bags into one of the trash bins just behind the house. (Tuesday is trash day, so if they are not right behind the house, they will be on the road. Make sure you put your trash in one of the bins with the green lids. Blue is for recycling.)

It is a little noisy at night, how do I turn on the white noise machine/Alexa?

Your Alexa is on the nightstand in the bedroom nook. Simply say “Alexa turn on some white noise”. You can adjust the volume with the buttons. If you would like to turn off the white noise just say “Alexa, turn off the white noise”

I am a little chilly, how can I warm up the apartment?

  • There is a space heater on the bottom shelf next to the entertainment center in a grey box. There are also extra blankets in the large grey bins
  • In the summer months you can open up the windows for a bit and it should regulate the temperature a bit.

Where are the Pack & Play and the baby seat?

You can find the Pack & Play and baby seat in the area under the stairs.

I’d like to have some groceries/food delivered. What are the best directions to make sure they come to the right place?

  • Most of the restaurants nearby will Doordash or Uber Eats. There is also an awesome grocery delivery service through Smith’s Grocery.
  • The address for delivery is 10735 n 5250 w, Highland, UT 84003.
  • Make sure in your delivery instructions to clarify that your delivery needs to be dropped off at the basement apartment door around the back of the house near the driveway.
  • If you find that it was delivered to our front door, don’t hesitate to come and grab it off our front porch.

How do I operate the washer and dryer?

The washer and dryer are really easy to use. Here you will find the instructions directly from the owner’s manual if you have any questions or need some direction.

Washer Instructions

Dryer Instructions

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