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Destinations for Families in Africa

Not many people consider destinations for families in Africa. With our blog posts here, we aim to change your mind! Africa is out of this world…at least our world! There are so many superb and varied destinations; from Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Botswana, and sooo many others. Whether you are in the mood for a beautiful cape down and beach, exciting safaris, or learning about a rich culture, Africa has the destinations for you.

Great destinations for families in Africa

What is Your Favorite Destination?


For us, South Africa was our favorite family destination in the continent. Our safari experience was completely and totally on another travel level, and we loved every second of it. Sure, you can see all kinds of exotic animals at your local zoo, but it is even better to see them in their natural habitats! Like a lot of our zoos, the safari focus on education and conservation of endangered species and their homes. You can learn about the amazing elephants, while you watch them live and play in a beautiful, protected habitat. And, depending on where you want to go for a safari, you can see all different types of animals! The destination we are most looking forward to is taking a safari through Botswana in Summer 2018. Maybe you can plan a trip there, too!


What’s the Best Way to Travel in Africa?


When traveling in Africa, safety is of utmost importance. We recommend staying at reputable hotels in safe locations, and being mindful of the restaurants you pick. There may be issues with cleanliness, or in types of food that you and your family may not be used to. To help you find your way around, we suggest you hire a local guide to help you pick the best restaurants and hotels!


As we explore more of this wonderful continent, we will update this blog with our travel itineraries. Until then, enjoy our current safari trip, and keep an eye out for our Botswana itinerary!